Dubcomander, the boiler of the Riviera

Reggae is present in Latin America, having different scenes in each of the countries and regions. One of the special and unique regions in the continent for many reasons is the Hispanic Caribbean, specifically that of the Mexican Caribbean.

We had a long and outstretched talk with Jorge Vallejos, better known as Dubcomander, pioneer of Reggae in the Riviera Maya, which served as a catapult for the scene throughout Mexico and speak a little bit of everything, his life, music, projects, the history of reggae in the Riviera and of course "La Caldera", its historical study.

Born in Acapulco, playense from the 4 years, the coastal began playing salsa and Caribbean rhythms such as socca and calypso. While in the Yucatan peninsula they began to reach people in the West Indies. Cuban and Jamaican mainly began to influence the younger area of Mexico.

"It all started with the first band of reggae in Spanish in Mexico, Splash after Marley covers," says Dubcomander. Shortly after, in 1994 it begins as bassist with the legendary bands and pioneers in the area, Bushman. Legendary mixing the Steel drum with Reggae, a cheerful sound, African rhythms and lyrics with a high load of human consciousness, something that didn't sound very much for those dates. The guys were on tour in Europe 4 times, based in Barcelona, where he recorded an album, achieving influence later bands and winning a place in the history of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, putting an end to this first stage in 2004 in his last presentation on Mamitas Beach Club at the festival of reggae and calypso.

During those years he participated with local bands such as planet Earth, in the same way began working with Lotus Rock local band that began to produce in his Studio, so was born "the boiler"… as I talk to more about this soon.

Bushman was paused, the boiler remained in action producing and Mr Vallejos spent more and more time in the machines… Thus was born Dubcomander. On the basis of their more important as Burning Spear, Mad Professor and Belizean beats influences began to make Sound System. Drum n Bass and dub, the Socca is occasionally sound which prints you alone or accompanied. Shares in the vibrations Festival, opening act of legends as Mad Professor, interventions with Queen Omega and countless appearances in the area, to mention something in these 5 years as Dubcomander of the 15 making music.

The strongest Dubcomander project is a Duet with another promise/reality of the scene in the Riviera Maya, Sistah Freedom. The commanding the beat, her booming the speaker with his precious voice. A dub of the Sistah Freedom most recent disc version and a disc of dub to yoga (if I think the dub can take you to nirvana) are the next projects door.


Dubcomander & Sistah Freedom

The boiler is not only a study, by where's been great bands including Cultura Profética, Ganja, Ras Cocoman and several local area bands, but also a place where have been conducted reggae parties more playenses over ten years, always in a "private" manner, i.e. not comericialmente, to avoid problems with Babylon in a place away from the hustle and bustle of tourism exploited envelope and clubs to create a bubble of good vibes and good music. Of those corners that bloom in living culture and rhythm.