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Brazil Samba Maya group brings the best of music and Brazilian culture in Playa del Carmen. The band composed of members from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Cuba brings together the best Latino musicians to to dance to the people in the area of the Riviera Maya.

A very special project since he has collaborated since its inception and have seen the growth of the band in its various stages.

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In the year 2015 group Samba Maya took place for the first time in Mexico Brazilian Day, event that celebrates Brazilian in various parts of world culture.

Brazilian-day - 500 x 500



DSC_02771Emerson Shockness, vocalist and band leader. Tulum 2013


SAMABA-MAYA-ZENZI-0715-02Promotional flyer 2015

SAMBAMAYAJUL MENINA 72First Flyer for the band. May 2013

ZENZI GPO SAMBA MAYAPublishing to Facebook. Spring 2014

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