Travel by Quotes

Travel by Quotes is a project of street art in which stickers around the city through the people who live in it can admire any part of the world with a simple, but clear sentence, sometimes almost mandatory, related to the image.
In 2014, I had the fortune to visit Argentina, on each trip I always look for taking something of my work to share it with people, meet people through them and get their ideas and impressions. It is a circle of giving and receiving. So was as Travel by Quotes was born.

Travel by Quotes is to streetart project in which by stickers around city the people living in it can have a bit of a part of the world with a simple but clear quote, almost in a way of order, related somehow with the image.

Recently I have the fortune of visit Argentina, on every travel I try to get some of my work to share with people, know people through it and get ideas by people. Is a circle of give and get. This is how Travel by Quotes was born.

The stickers does not say where is the place on the picture, so people can figure out and imagine them selves where ever they wish to be in, research about the places, and finally go out and enjoy.

Beach of the Carmen, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico
Get lost
Zadar, Croatia
Mendoza, Argentina
Akumal, Mexico
Mexico D.F.
Mexico D.F.
Obelisk of Buenos Aires
Potrerillos, Mendoza Andres
Barrio de San Telmo
Girl from Mendoza waiting for your flight at the airport of Santiago de Chile, on the ultimate and perfect picture of the project.

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